The guidance team is passionate about helping and supporting young people. One strategy we are very intentional about is to focus on building relationships with our students before we engage the other “hats” we wear in our role as guidance counsellors. In the video below, Dr. Timothy Woo shares five tips on how to build effective relationships with the teenagers in your own family.


Parenting Teenagers Workshop

Are you finding yourself unable to relate to your teenager?  Is it difficult to facilitate effective conversations on tough topics? Would you like to build a more positive relationship with your teenager? Then this course may be for you! For 10 weeks, Dr. Timothy Woo and US counsellors from the Guidance Department will be facilitating the Parenting Teenagers course. This group is for parents of upper school students from Grade 6 to 12, and will begin on Tuesday, September 15th. Cost is: $100. Please kindly be reminded that the deadline for enrolment will be September 8th or until filled.  Participation will be based on order of sign up and availability to attend all sessions. There will then be a waiting list and you may be contacted if a space opens up. If your partner intends to attend, please note they will need to also sign up separately.

For more details and to register, click here.