Covid.  We’re all feeling pretty much “over it” with the questions of “how much longer will this last” and “will our lives ever return to ‘normal'” constantly flooding our thoughts. This year of uncertainty has been exhausting and has drained us all of our emotional reserves.
For parents especially, the unexpected responsibility of monitoring children’s online learning only increased their currently high levels of stress.  Dr. Tina Montreuil, of McGill University’s Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, advises that in order to manage resulting parenting fatigue, self-care is paramount. With the extra time that some parents are spending with their children together has come with stressful added responsibilities. A decrease in parents’ mental health, or their overall bearing on parenting, has an adverse impact on children.  Therefore it is critical to take care of parents’ health and mental well-being – a good start would be allowing time for activities that bring enjoyment or a sense of purpose.
So this holiday, be sure to carve some time out for yourselves for relaxation and enjoyment.  You have our permission!  And you and your whole family will benefit.
You’re welcome!  And have a wonderful holiday!