As we transition back into remote learning, our first reaction may simply be to groan or grieve. That being said, we have the ability to set the tone for what is known and familiar to us; an opportunity previously we were not given when it came to remote learning. Learning from our past selves is the best gift we can give to our present!

Perhaps taking the time to sit down together with your child after the first day of zoom, reflecting on how the day went for them would be a helpful practice. Consider some of these conversation starters as we continue to move into remote learning for the remainder of the week:

  1. What was something you learned about yourself during remote learning previously that should be implemented immediately this time around?
  2. What kind of learning environment do you benefit from best?
  3. What are some worries or concerns that you have during remote learning? What are some possible solutions?
  4. How are you staying balanced throughout your remote learning experience to ensure holistic wellbeing?
  5. During this round of remote learning, how can you meaningfully keep connected to your teachers? Your peers?

As we pivot between the different mediums of teaching, we are optimistic about how the learning opportunities and the quality of teaching continue to move onwards and upwards. We are choosing to embrace these circumstances in hopes of this continual journey of resilience-building through unexpected circumstances, and are so glad that you are on this journey with us!