Many people demonstrate perfectionist traits. This aspect of personality is broadly defined as a desire to be flawless in all pursuits, paired with the strong ability to self-criticize and worry about what other people think of your performance. This can be very problematic, especially if you are prone to an excess of anxiety.

Does this sound like you? If so, consider a shift in thinking and try to explore ways in which you can harness your imperfect traits. This does not mean that you skip an important test or light your planner on fire, but rather acknowledge and accept that mistakes and missteps are a part of life and that you can learn and move on from them. 




You struggle to be in the moment because you are always worrying about the future.  You feel secure in knowing that you are doing your best, and allow yourself to exist in the here and now
You say yes to everything and as a result feel burnt out and tired You realize that you cannot please everyone, nor do everything, and choose to focus on saying yes to things that align with your values and how you want to live your life
You consider yourself a workaholic and are never happy with the quality of your work. You know that working hard and achieving your goals is more important than making everything perfect
You feel ashamed of things that have happened in the past (like poor test scores) and can’t let go. You recognize that mistakes are inevitable but not the end of the world. You let go. 


Do any of the above descriptors ring true? Maybe you are experiencing an atypical low mood. Constant signs of anxiety can benefit from a shift in thinking. A counsellor can help with this, and redirect you to healthier and more sustainable goals. 

Let’s face it: we’re all imperfect! If you can stay focused on living a life that is values-based, you will see positive change. The other good news is that one’s personality is malleable, and our traits evolve to be much gentler over time.