Counselling Services

The Counselling Department is available for students from Early Years to Grade 12. The team is comprised of two Lower School counsellors, eight Upper School counsellors and a School Psychologist. The most important function of the team is to act as student advocates and to provide ongoing support for students across all areas of their lives, including emotional, social, academic and physical development, extra-curricular and post-secondary choices.

The Lower School Counselling programme criteria is developed along the PYP personal, social and physical education outlines. Support is comprised of a balance between prevention, proactive and responsive education and counselling for students. The counsellors work collaboratively with the classroom teacher, parents and external professionals to design and implement programmes to promote optimum individual emotional, academic and social development.

The Upper School Counselling Department organises meetings and seminars to assist individual students with their social and emotional development, academic achievement and personal goals. The students, with Guidance and University Counsellors, work as a partnership.  Counsellors support each individual student with creating their personalised plan towards their new and exciting journey into post secondary education.