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The Guidance Team runs a presentation each year specifically for parents and students in the Grade 9 year. This presentation is intended to help students and parents separate fact from fiction in terms of preparing for a possible application to Oxford or Cambridge Universities in the UK but we have seen that it is also helpful for those looking at universities with a very academic focus (such as LSE or Imperial College London).

The presentation is given by Mr Robert Aldridge from the Guidance Team (with 10 years experience in the UK admissions industry) and Miss Cheryl Kwok – a current 3rd Year University of Cambridge student and a graduate of CDNIS (Class 2017). 

The presentation will give examples of personal statements written by successful applicants as well as looking at preparation activities that actually work.  The aim is to help families save time, money and effort in avoiding activities that “the rumor mill” and “private consultants” may espouse but may actually not be beneficial after all.

The session is aimed at Grade 9 families in particular as that is a key year in starting to prepare but those from other grades are welcome to attend. This is only open to CDNIS families and places must be booked in advance by using this form (please only register if you intend to attend – if you can’t attend and would prefer a different date/time/venue please email Mr Aldridge and he will see if he can run a followup session). There is a capacity limit so we encourage early registration. Priority is given to Grade 9 students/parents. 

Slides can’t be shared due to the personal statement examples and photographs may not be taken at the event.

The event will take place in the CDNIS Library from 3pm (sharp) until 4pm on Tuesday 7th January 2020.

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