Jaren Folden
Jaren FoldenUniversity Counsellor

University Counsellor

Jaren Folden earned a BA from Toronto Metropolitan University, a BEd from the University of Regina, a MEd in International Counselling from Lehigh University, and a Postgraduate Cert in College Counselling from the University of California. He spent two years coordinating a non-profit educational NGO in Malawi, before moving to Taiwan to work as a College Counsellor and later Bangkok as a middle and high school Social/Emotional and Careers Counsellor. He is passionate about student advocacy, having helped form student-led anti-bullying campaigns, LGBTQ+ student support clubs, and workshops to give students confidence when public speaking. In his free time, he enjoys reading, watching movies, cooking, baking, traveling, and being out in nature.

Jaren can be located in the Guidance Department, room 510F.