Kathleen Lee
Kathleen LeeGrade 6-7 Guidance Counsellor

Grade 6 – 8 Guidance Counsellor

Kathleen Lee was born in Hong Kong and raised in Santa Barbara, California. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics at UCLA and her Master of Counselling at Monash University. Kathleen has spent her most recent years in Hong Kong as a child and family counsellor at SPOT Children’s Therapy Centre. Her clinical experience includes individual, group, and family therapy. Kathleen takes a child centred approach to helping students find their strengths, reach their full potential, and enjoy meaningful lives. She is passionate about positive psychology and is also certified in positive parenting. Kathleen has two young children and her other interests include tennis, spinning, music and reading.

Kathleen can be located in room 711A.

Grade Surname
6 M-Z
7 All