My Thanh Mac
My Thanh MacHead of Upper School Guidance, Grades 9-12 (A-J)

Head of Upper School Guidance, Grade 9-12 Guidance Counsellor

My Thanh Mac received her Bachelor of Arts in English at UCLA and her Master of Science in Counselling at San Francisco State University. In her undergrad and graduate programmes, My Thanh discovered her passion for youth work and community service. She has served as Head of College Counselling in a private secondary school in San Francisco, and most recently worked as a primary counsellor at Chinese International School. Currently, she helps coach the Hong Kong national team for the World Individuals Debate and Public Speaking Competition, and lectures Psychology at HKU Space. My Thanh is fluent in Cantonese and enjoys any opportunity to improve her Mandarin or Spanish. Her other interests include discussing growth mindsets, scrapbooking and discovering delicious local joints in Hong Kong.

My Thanh can be located in room 510B.