Welcome to Guidance Services at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong

Guidance services are available for students from Early Years 1 to Grade 12. Our team comprises of two Lower School counsellors, six Upper School Counsellors, a dedicated Wellbeing Counsellor and a School Psychologist. The most important function of our team is to act as student advocates and to provide ongoing support for students across all areas of their lives, including emotional, social, academic development, extracurricular advisory and postsecondary choices.

In addition, the Guidance Department also provides individual and group meetings to assist students with issues concerning academic, personal, extra-curricular and post-secondary choices. Parents are encouraged to telephone or email the relevant counsellor with any questions or concerns.

The School Guidance department organises meetings and small groups as well as individual sessions to assist students with their social and emotional development, academic achievement, and personal goals.

The students and Guidance Counsellors also work in partnership and are actively involved in the university process. Counsellors support each individual student with creating his or her personalised plan towards their new and exciting journey into post-secondary education.

Guidance Counsellors also partner with parents by offering an array of support and information via regular seminars, parenting workshops or guest speakers series. We encourage parents to contact the Guidance Office with any questions or concerns they may have with regard to their child’s education and development.

Creating Pathways to Success

Creating Pathways to Success is an educational, career and life planning programme developed for Ontario Schools. As part of our school’s Ontario Curriculum, the Guidance department offers this innovative career development policy which implements a comprehensive education, career and life planning programme from Early Years to Grade 12.

The programme is specifically designed to assist students in achieving their individual pathway plans by focusing on three key areas:

  • Student development. Developing healthy habits and skills necessary for learning.
  • Interpersonal development. Development of skills and knowledge needed for healthy relationships with friends and colleagues.
  • Career development. Development of skills and knowledge to create short and long term goals when planning for the future.

(Taken from the CDNIS Parent Information Handbook)