Welcome to Counselling Services at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong

Counselling services are available for students from Early Years 1 to Grade 12. The Lower School Counselling Programme criteria is developed along the PYP personal, social and physical education outlines. Support is comprised of a balance between prevention, proactive and responsive education and counselling for students. The counsellors work collaboratively with the classroom teacher, parents and external professionals to design and implement programmes to promote optimum individual emotional, academic and social development.

The Transition Years Guidance Counsellors provide comprehensive counselling support in Grades 6-8. They provide academic guidance along with social and emotional support at this critical stage of young adolescence. The counsellors work closely with teachers and families in providing a holistic level of support. The counsellors move with their assigned students through their years in the Transition Years programme at CDNIS.

Grades 9-12 students access services within a split model (Guidance and University). In Grade 9, students are assigned a new Guidance Counsellor who will follow them through to Grade 12. Our dedicated team of highly trained counsellors with clinical and school experience assist students and their families with navigating the complexities of maturing adolescence. These counsellors focus on the domains of social, emotional, and academic growth through promoting problem solving, building positive relationships, and overall character development.

In addition, students in Grades 11 and 12 are assigned one of the three University Counsellors who work with students and families in optimizing their success in desired post-secondary aspirations.

Creating Pathways to Success

Creating Pathways to Success is an educational, career and life planning programme developed for Ontario Schools. As part of our school’s Ontario Curriculum, the Guidance department offers this innovative career development policy which implements a comprehensive education, career and life planning programme from Early Years to Grade 12.

The programme is specifically designed to assist students in achieving their individual pathway plans by focusing on three key areas:

  • Student development. Developing healthy habits and skills necessary for learning.
  • Interpersonal development. Development of skills and knowledge needed for healthy relationships with friends and colleagues.
  • Career development. Development of skills and knowledge to create short and long term goals when planning for the future.

(Taken from the CDNIS Parent Information Handbook)