Recommendation Requests

If at any point a CDNIS student needs a Letter of Recommendation (outside of university applications), our school has designated forms and processes for such purposes. It is our practice that no outside forms will be submitted on behalf of students. Please contact Winnie Kong, the Upper School Secretary, to begin the process. It is both important and courteous for students to inform their counsellor and teachers when making a request for a recommendation.

Please note that parents must also sign a waiver agreeing that they will not see the completed reference. Once the waiver is signed, the student’s homeroom or subject teacher will complete the form on behalf of the student. Counsellors will forward the necessary documents to the appropriate school(s).

A kind reminder that we require a minimum of ten working days to process such a request. We apologise in advance that we are unable to accommodate last minute requests. Also, parents are responsible for any fees incurred after the complimentary two official copies of school reports, including invigilation, courier, and copy fees.

A request form for letters of recommendation can be found in the Parent Portal.