Social and Emotional Support

We believe that in order to thrive in any environment, social emotional wellbeing should be a priority as it is the foundation for any individual to achieve their greatest potential. Students with well developed social emotional skills are better equipped to overcome daily challenges and as they continue to encounter a variety of unexpected adversities in life.

With a focus on the whole person, Counsellors work from a preventative approach to support students. We do this through building self-awareness, developing emotional regulation, fostering positive and healthy relationships to empower students to advocate for themselves and those in need.

How we work with students:

  • Conducting individual, group, and follow-up counselling with students, teachers and parents.
  • Preventative and crisis intervention
  • Lower School: Weekly/bi- weekly structured lessons focusing on social emotional learning¬†
  • Small social skills group support

How we work with parents:

  • Individual consultations
  • Facilitating multidisciplinary meetings
  • A variety of group workshops and presentations

How we work with our wider community:

  • Active members of the Hong Kong School Counsellors Network to stay up to date with current best practices
  • Collaborating with outside mental health support