Meet The Team

My Thanh Mac
My Thanh MacHead of US Guidance, Grade 9-12 Surnames A-J
Stephanie Young
Stephanie YoungGuidance Counsellor, Grade 9 - 12 Surnames K-Q
Shelagh Hockley
Shelagh HockleyGuidance Counsellor, Grade 9-12 Surnames R to Z
Dr Chantelle Jackson
Dr Chantelle JacksonDirector of University Counselling
Rob Aldridge
Rob AldridgeUniversity Counsellor
Jaren Folden
Jaren FoldenUniversity Counsellor
Anthony Steinruck
Anthony SteinruckGuidance Counsellor Gr 6 (A-L), Gr 8
Kathleen Lee
Kathleen LeeGuidance Counsellor Gr 6 (M-Z), Gr 7
Andrew Bumgarner
Andrew BumgarnerLearning Support Coordinator
Sandra Gee
Sandra GeeLearning Support Teacher
Shelly Chutke
Shelly ChutkeGrade 2 to 5
Tina Nakova
Tina NakovaGrade EY1 to 1
Elsa Fung
Elsa FungUpper School Counselling Officer
Jessica Siu
Jessica SiuUpper School Counselling Assistant