Tina Nakova
Tina NakovaEY1-Grade 1 Inclusion Team Counsellor

EY1-Grade 1 Inclusion Team Counsellor

Tina Nakova is originally from Bulgaria, but she has studied, lived and worked internationally throughout most of her life. Tina holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling from Monash University and has held counselling and student support roles prior to joining CDNIS. Over the years, in her role as a school counsellor, Tina has provided support, resources and training to children, families and educators, while constructing a comprehensive school counselling program that addresses the academic, social and emotional development of students.

Helping young people connect with peers, build on their strengths and reach their full potential is why Tina loves being a counsellor. Tina is married and has two young and very dynamic children.